Woman Testifies That Ghislaine Maxwell Asked Her To Recruit Young Girls Who Would Perform Fellatio On Jeffrey Epstein

As testimony continues in the sex trafficking trial for Ghislaine Maxwell, a former British model took the stand and testified to several shocking details. Referred to as “Kate,” the woman, now in her 40’s, told the court that she was introduced to Epstein while visiting Maxwell’s London home in the early 1990s at the age of 17.

Kate recalled that Maxwell spoke highly of her “boyfriend” and “said that he was going to love me.” A few weeks later, she met Epstein and massaged his feet and shoulders, in which Epstein said she was “strong.”

“She would ask me if I knew anybody to come and give Jeffrey a blowjob because it was a lot for her to do,” Kate testified. Kate also testified that Maxwell stated Epstein liked girls who were “cute, young, pretty like you.”

Kate shared that she was told that Epstein and Maxwell would help with her music career and bragged about knowing very popular people.

“She was friends with Prince Andrew, friends with Donald Trump. Sometimes their names would just come up or she would be talking on the phone about them with me present,” Kate said.

According to the New York Post, “On one occasion, Kate said, she was made to wear a schoolgirl outfit to have sex with Epstein at his Palm Beach, Fla., mansion.”

Recounting details, Kate stated she was instructed to give Epstein a sexual massage and was told to “have a good time” when opening the door to a naked Epstein.

Afterward, the model also stated Maxwell said she was “such a good girl.” She also added, “She sounded really pleased.”

Meeting Maxwell in Paris, Kate stated she kept in touch with the British socialite until she was in her 30s with a child of her own.

Before she took the stand, the judge informed the jury that Maxwell wasn’t charged with any crimes related to Kate due to her being of consenting age—17—at the time.

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