(VIDEO) Another ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ Cast Member Insinuates She Was Also Attacked By Joseline Hernandez

Whew! Joseline Hernandez is known for her quick wit, but these days she may also be known for her hands.

According to several allegations, Joseline not only put her hands on one cast member, Amber, but she also kicked ReRe in the stomach at the reunion.

ReRe went live on Instagram and was crying. In one part of the short clip, she says, “I’m in pain. I’m in so much pain right now. Don’t mind me.” She continued, “I’ve been in bed all day. I’m OK,” and proceeds to cry. She also shares that her back hurts, head, and also her ribs. She continued, “I didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

Shortly after, Lexi jumps on IG Live and details what she claims happened. She stated that security was holding everyone back and that’s how Joseline and her husband Ballistic were able to attack the women. She also stated that “Re didn’t even say nothing. She was just there looking pretty, and then she [Joseline] gon’ pull her and then kick her [ReRe] in her stomach.”

As we previously reported, Ambler Ali, a cast member from season 3 of ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’, alleged she was attacked by Joseline and her fiancee Balistic Beats during the show’s reunion episode. After Amber went live stating that she ended up in the hospital, Joseline confirmed that physical altercations did in fact go down on set!

“I mortal kombat one h*e, pimp slapped another one,” Joseline wrote. “Pushed one into last night’s episode. Kicked down a few on the ground. I slapped fire out of everyone on that stage. Me n my crew wait for it.”

In a series of tweets, Joseline continued to address the women of the cast and the people criticizing her decision to fight the ladies.

“Keep crying from your hospital bed with your broken ribs. One kick you flew into next day. Rotten mouth a** h*e. And for you dumb b*tches when you sign up for a reality show you CANNOT file a lawsuit against anyone on the show. You dummies.”

Whew! Roomies, what y’all think about this situation?

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