U.S. Cryonics Lab Currently Keeping The Heads And Bodies Of 200 People Frozen With The Hope To Bring Them Back To Life Through Advanced Technology

#Roommates, everyday technology advances in so many ways to make our lives more efficient and convenient—but a U.S. lab is hoping to bring your deceased loved ones back among the living through the world of technology. A national cryonics lab currently has 200 heads and bodies frozen because they are hoping that advanced technology will provide the ability to bring them back to life.

@TheSun reports, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, which is a cryonics lab located in Scottsdale, Arizona, is currently keeping the heads and bodies of 200 people frozen in the hope that they will someday be brought back to life through the magic of advanced scientific technology. For about $200,000 the company will freeze an entire dead body and for $80,000 you can have a head frozen courtesy of the cryonics process. The bodies are stored in deep freeze temperatures for decades (and sometimes even centuries,) as they are packed in ice, frozen and the blood in the body is replaced with a ‘cryoprotectant’ solution to stop the ice crystallization process.

Alcor then preserves the bodies by gradually lowering their temperature and storing them in large vessels of liquid nitrogen at -196 C. However, it’s important to know that, according to experts regarding a successful cryonics procedure, it’s best to begin the freezing process within 60 seconds of when the human heart stops beating.

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation was founded back in 1972 after Linda and Fred Chamberlain met at a cryonics conference in early 1970.

Speaking about their initial goals for the company, Linda stated “Our goals were to start an organization that could save people’s lives and give them an opportunity to be restored to health and function. If we’d known how hard it was going to be, we might not have tried to do it. But once you get started, something about saving lives, you can’t give up.”


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