Twitter Users Discuss Grave Marker Labeled ‘Thornton’ In Blac Youngsta’s New Music Video

Blac Youngsta was once again a trending topic early Tuesday morning. The artist released a music video on Monday for his song ‘I’m Assuming.’ But, with less than 24 hours on YouTube, the track’s video caused a buzz among social media users. The video shows Blac Youngsta rapping in different parts of a cemetery. At one point, a grave marker with a partial view of the name ‘Thornton’ comes into view. 

Response To Viral Performance Video

If you didn’t know, Young Dolph’s government name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. Given the exact match of the name, Twitter users discussed whether the video was an aim at Dolph. In November, Dolph was killed after multiple gunmen shot him while he purchased cookies at a business in Memphis. He was 36 years old. 

This is the second time in a matter of days that online users have accused Blac Youngsta of coming for the late rapper. Over the weekend, a video of him performing the song ‘Shake Sum’ at Ace of Dallas in Texas took over the net. Blac Youngsta wrote and released the track in 2016 as a diss track towards Young Dolph.

A mixture of backlash and understanding of street beefs began to flood social sites. Still, Blac Youngsta remained quiet about the first trending moment until Monday. He shared a short clip of his new music video along with a responsive lengthy caption

“I’m the type of ni**a who ain’t neva sat back and looked for nobody to feel sorry fa me! I come from the heart of South Memphis, where you get no sympathy, don’t even know what that is,” Blac Youngsta wrote. “With that being said, I could give two fu*** what the world thinks bout me.”

Blac Youngsta Denies Rumors 

He continued in the caption saying everything he does and says is put “under this magnifying glass.” Blac Youngsta also spoke on the “false allegations” that something happened to his grandmother’s house. He revealed that his grandmother was hospitalized the day before the house rumors started bubbling. Blac also clarified that grandma’s house was a brand new construction unit.

As of Tuesday night, the rapper didn’t have any new comments regarding his music video, which is a little over three minutes long. Check out the full music video below:

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