Tessica Brown Plans Low Key Valentines Day After Gorilla Glue Trauma

Tessica Brown is looking forward to a quiet Valentine’s Day, and is happy to put the viral Gorilla Glue ordeal firmly behind her.

The 40-year-old resident of Violet, Saint Bernard Parish, Louisiana, on Friday (February 12) told TMZ that she and her sister plan to attend a paint and sip on Sunday (February 14) and then enjoy a steak dinner.

She spoke to the entertainment news outlet about her plans at LAX after she underwent surgery to remove the heavy duty adhesive from her hair and scalp. She says that after all she’s been through, she’s ready to relax in the company of her sister.

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The TMZ reporter also asks Brown whether or not Gorilla Glue officials have reached out to her beyond social media after her situation went viral. “Personally? No,” she said. “I thought they would’ve by now, but no.” 

Additionally, Brown says doctors told her to wait six weeks before styling her hair. At the end of her recovery period, however, she says she’s going to sport a new hairdo.

Hopefully Tessica shows everyone her new hairstyle whenever she’s able to do one up. We’d love to see it!

Watch the full TMZ interview below.

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