Ludacris Receives Honorary Bachelor’s Degree From Georgia State University

Ludacris has added a new title to his name: Georgia State University graduate. On Wednesday, the public university presented the hip-hop icon with an honorary bachelor’s degree. Ludacris’ excitement soared as he shared his educational win online. He flexed his framed music management degree in a short Insta-video!

“Now listen, from now on, with all due respect…y’all gon have to call me Georgia State University graduate Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges, okay,” Luda said. “Mama, I made it; we did it! Class of 2022.”

Ludacris Says GSU Is Part Of His “Fabric And DNA”

Ludacris is no stranger to GSU. He enrolled at the state school in 1996. After two years, he left for a record deal with Def Jam Records. In his commencement speech to about 800 master’s degree recipients, Luda shared how Georgia State helped his success.

“My time on campus sharpened my skills,” Ludacris told the graduates. “It gave me confidence that my path was preordained. That I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.”

Ludacris said he was “never gone” and remained committed to returning and finishing his degree.

After collecting his industry experience, Ludacris returned to the GSU community. In 2019, he joined the university’s Creative Media Industries Institute as an artist-in-residence. Later, he partnered with the university’s College of Law on a course based on his entertainment career.

Come Through Excited Luda

Ludacris spoke to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about receiving his bachelor’s of science in the same program he left behind to become an entertainment industry front-runner.

“I went to this school and I never finished my credits,” Luda said. “For them to come back and give me this honorary degree, it means the world to me, just for the simple fact that I always knew I wanted to come back. I always wanted to finish. I’m not a person who starts things and doesn’t finish. For me, it’s a full-circle moment.”

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