Living the Dream: Nupol Kiazolu

Nupol Kiazolu, president of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, believes passionately in taking action against injustice. That’s why Kiazolu and other members of the BLM chapter traveled to Minneapolis in June to join the frontline demonstrations over the murder of George Floyd. The Teen Vogue 21 Under 21 2018 alumna was 13 when she took her first social justice stance by wearing a black hoodie to school emblazoned with “Do I look suspicious?” to protest the murder of Trayvon Martin. 

Kiazolu attends Hampton University, where she’s a political science major on the pre-law track.  She also launched the organization Vote 2000 to encourage young people of color to register and vote. In 2019, Kiazolu was crowned Miss Liberia USA in her first pageant and plans to be elected president of the United States in 2036.

In an interview with Pen America, Kiazlou opened up about what it meant to her to be apart of the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

“As the president of Black Lives Matter Greater New York, freedom of speech is essentially everything to me, and it’s everything to the movement because without that, then we’d really have no movement,” she said. “As a young Black woman in America, me immersing myself in the movement wasn’t really an option for me. In reality, whether I’m sitting down in the comforts of my home or I’m immersed in the movement, I can be killed either way just because of the color of my skin. So with me using my voice to stand up for what’s right and for social justice.”

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