IG Model Rushed To Hospital After BBL Surgery Complications – Has Tuberculosis In Her Butt!!

A beautiful Instagram model named Dime Racks was rushed to the hospital on Friday, after suffering from complications of plastic surgery, MTO News has confirmed.

Last month Diamond went to a popular IG doctor, who specializes in body modification – and she got a new BBL – or a Brazilian Butt lift. She already had undergone multiple BBLs before – so her latest surgery was supposed to be a quick “re-up.”

Here’s Diamond, before the surgery:

But something went wrong, and now Diamond has “organisms” growing in the fat in her butt, MTO News has learned.

Diamond leaked a video yesterday, of her talking with her doctor. In the video, which MTO News reviewed, the doctor can be heard telling the beauty that she has :”organisms” and “tuberculosis” in her butt fat.


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