Colorado District Attorney Filed Motion To Reconsider The Truck Driver’s 110-Year Sentence In Deadly Crash

The public outcry for justice for 26-year-old Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, who was sentenced to the lengthy-term of 110 years in prison last week, continues to get the attention of those in power to change his circumstances. Everyone has been speaking out about the 2019 accident that killed four people in a crash due to brake failure saying that the time received doesn’t fit the crime, and according to NBC News, a Colorado district attorney agrees.

First Judicial District Attorney Alexis King filed a motion Friday for a hearing to reconsider the sentence under the state’s mandatory minimum law. The current state laws require sentences for certain crimes to be served consecutively or back to back. “The law also permits the Court to reconsider its sentence in an exceptional case involving unusual and extenuating circumstances,” the motion reads.

Millions criticized the 100-year-plus sentence. As we previously reported, over 4.6 million people have signed a petition asking Gov. Jared Polis to grant clemency or commute the sentence. Even celebrities have called on the Governor to make a change, including Kim Kardashian. Yesterday she shared several messages on her social media discussing Rogel’s case.

Kim advised that one of the shocking and unfair parts of this case is that the judge didn’t want to sentence Rogel to such a lengthy sentence. She continued explaining that his hands were tied because of the mandatory minimums in Colorado and how mandatory minimums take away judicial discretion. In one tweet, Kim specifically called out the Governor, writing, “Colorado law really has to be changed. This is so unfair. @GovofCO is a really good person, and I know he will do the right thing.”

Reports show that a spokesperson for Governor Polis said on Tuesday, “We just received Rogel Aguilera-Mederos’ application, and our legal team is currently reviewing it. Once we reach a decision, we will make an announcement.”

Roommates, we’ll continue to keep you updated about this case.

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