BIG30 Roasts Wack 100 Over Pooh Shiesty Snitching Claims: You Cooperate w/ Rats!!

Pooh Shiesty’s homie BIG30 has shot down Wack 100’s claims that Shiesty cooperated with the government.

“They always be letting that fat, bald-head, irrelevant-ass n*gga always voice his opinion on sh*t. My n*gga ain’t never snitched on no n*gga, never been breaked [sic] or folded,” he says.

“Why you think my n*gga ain’t got no break? Why you think he ain’t bounce back out like the rest of these rappers? F*ck you talkin’ bout, n*gga? You cooperate with rats, n*gga,” he said referring to Tekashi 6ix9ine, a known snitch.

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