Antonio Brown Clarifies That There’s Nothing Wrong With His Mental Health As He Discusses CTE & The Way Football Players Are Treated  

Earlier this month, Antonio Brown made headlines after he left the field while taking off his uniform during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game against the New York Jets. He was later formally released from the team, and many people have shared their thoughts about the situation. While in discussion about the moment, people have questioned Antonio’s mental health, and now he’s addressing the speculations head-on.

In a preview clip for the upcoming episode of “I Am Athlete,” Antonio spoke about the moment. Brandon Marshall explained how he would have handled things with Bruce Arians under the circumstances that Antonio previously described. Antonio responded and said, “That’s the mental health coming in right there. Everyone in the world got a different form of reactions of what happened to me. And it’s based upon where you from, how you feel, and no one only gonna know that regards of who you is.”

He expanded the conversation on mental health and CTE and said, “The things with football players’ mental health and CTE is this, these guys are willing to do whatever it takes to make some obligation game. In the midst of those games, along that journey, they’re being mistreated. There’s a lot of stuff that went on that may have not been handled right.”

Antonio began to question why is it that when something bad happens, or someone reacts in a certain way people begin to question their mental health.

“It’s nothing wrong with my mental health,” he said. “Someone told me to get the f**k out of here. I’m not passive-aggressive.”



As we previously reported, following the incident on the field earlier this month, Antonio released a statement through his attorney and claimed that he was pressured to play with broken bone fragments in his ankle.

He also said he did not quit on his team, adding, “Being fired on the sideline for having a painful injury was bad enough. Then came their ‘spin.’ Coach denied on national television that he knew about my ankle. That’s 100 percent inaccurate.”

Following his statement, he then shared alleged text messages between him and Coach Arians, where it shows that he told Coach about his injury.



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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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