Rideau Hall intruder Corey Hurren to be sentenced

The Manitoba military reservist who pleaded guilty to eight charges related to an incident at Rideau Hall last summer is to be sentenced in an Ottawa courtroom today.

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Corey Hurren, alleged Rideau Hall intruder, pleads guilty to 8 charges

Corey Hurren, 46, rammed through a gate at Rideau Hall and headed on foot toward Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s home at Rideau Cottage while heavily armed on July 2 last year.

Police were able to talk Hurren down and arrested him peacefully after about 90 minutes.

Rideau Hall intruder’s state of mind and possible motive

Rideau Hall intruder’s state of mind and possible motive – Jul 9, 2020

He originally faced 21 weapons charges and one of threatening the prime minister, who was not home at the time.

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Earlier this month, he pleaded guilty to seven weapons charges related to possession of prohibited or restricted firearms “for a purpose contrary to the public peace.”

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Rideau Hall gunman’s letter suggests someone ‘familiar with conspiracy theories,’ expert says

He also pleaded guilty to one charge of mischief by wilfully causing $100,000 worth of damage to the Rideau Hall gate.

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