38 mins ago

    Nicaraguan authorities raid Catholic curia

    Nicaraguan authorities raid Catholic curia Friday, August 19th 2022 – 20:40 UTC Bishop Alvarez and 8 other people were…
    45 mins ago

    Marcell Ozuna responds to DUI arrest from Braves clubhouse (Video)

    Atlanta Braves designated hitter/outfielder Marcell Ozuna has spoken after his DUI arrest. Hours since he was arrested by Norcross police for…
    48 mins ago

    No food or water for Georgia voters: Judge upholds law that would ‘deny help to voters’ in line

    In his ruling, Boulee writes that the “sanctity of the [voting] precinct was … brought into sharp focus in 2020,…
    58 mins ago

    Mets planned starters will give Yankees no breaks in Subway Series

    The Subway Series won’t be a cakewalk for the struggling Yankees based on the Mets’ planned starting pitchers The New…
    1 hour ago

    Mueller probe memo on Trump obstruction must be released, appeals court orders

    The DOJ could not prove that the memo was part of guidance relied on by former Attorney General William Barr, Judge…
    2 hours ago

    Which MLB phenoms are next in line for long-term extensions?

    By Jake MintzFOX Sports MLB Writer On Wednesday, the Atlanta Braves announced that they’d agreed to an eight-year, $72 million extension…
    2 hours ago

    Max Fried makes case for third Gold Glove with 94 MPH laser

    Let’s give Atlanta Braves ace Max Fried the Gold Glove award and just be done with it already! As if there…
    2 hours ago

    Exploring Shohei Ohtani’s roots: Ben Verlander’s Japan diary, Day 1

    By Ben VerlanderFOX Sports MLB Analyst Hello from Yokohama, Japan. This has been a year in the making. I’ve been…
    2 hours ago

    Saints-Packers preseason live stream: How to watch live

    If you’d like to watch the New Orleans Saints play the Green Bay Packers tonight live but don’t have them…
    2 hours ago

    Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving likely to run it back with Nets

    Not all trade requests in professional sports are granted. And though player empowerment has become a prevalent theme in today’s…
    2 hours ago

    Trump’s standing order to declassify documents is a ‘total fiction’ and ‘total nonsense’

    One thing that can’t be disputed is that if Trump had created such an edict, there should be plenty of evidence…
    2 hours ago

    NFL odds: Mid-Round receivers that can contend for OROY

    Will there be the next Ja’Marr Chase among this year’s crop of rookie wide receivers? Chase, the No. 5 pick…






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